Sophia in Schools

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Sophia has a Master’s in Social Work with a specific focus on inclusive education, a CELTA qualification (Certificate of English Language Teaching of Adults) from Cambridge University, and six years’ experience delivering workshops from one hour through to full three month courses for a variety of different education levels: primary and secondary schools, universities, adult education centres, community learning centres. She has previously worked as an English teacher in a primary school in Vietnam, responsible for over 200 students from ages 6 to 12.

Having led workshops for institutions as diverse as Royal Holloway Prison, New Buckinghamshire University and the Edinburgh LGBT Health & Wellbeing centre, Sophia offers tailor-made workshops for any environment. A performance opportunity for participants can also be provided along with the workshop, be it a slam run by Sophia or a reading event in the evening.

As a former care worker specializing in working with individuals with severe learning disabilities, Sophia is also experienced in teaching workshops to mixed ability groups and has led courses for people across the autistic spectrum, individuals with severe dyslexia, and young people with behavioural challenges.