Recent Projects

from Sophia

Around The World In Eight Mistakes

  • Sophia’s debut solo show won Best UK Spoken Word Show 2014 and Best Spoken Word Show on the PBH Edinburgh Free Fringe 2013. This 5 star show toured throughout the UK and internationally, kicking off at The Roundhouse in London. Illegal immigration, illegal emigration, just ridiculous amounts of deportation, moving for love (twice) and an accidental stint in a war zone. Around The World In Eight mistakes is the true story of all the worst reasons to move country. A potted history of the last 20 years, the show leapfrogs around the world from the USSR to Washington, DC taking in Vietnam, Uganda, Brussels and almost everywhere in between.  “Vivid and memorable” -The Scotsman

Can’t Care, Won’t Care

  • Winner of the Best Spoken Word Show 2014 award at the PBH Edinburgh Free Fringe, the show has toured throughout the UK and internationally, including Jersey Opera House and the Tristan Bates Theatre in London. A care worker. A confession. A crime? You decide. This negligent homicide trial pitches care worker against The State with the audience as jury. Would you break the law to save a life? “A performance of unrelenting power, crackles with an angry frustration that it’s impossible not to feel yourself. Walker is utterly compelling” -Poetry Monthly

Cult Friction

  • Winner Best Cast for a Spoken Word Show 2015 at PBH Edinburgh Free Fringe awards, this is a multi-character solo show.  From Apple to the food industry, they’ve got us by the hormones. When neuroscientists and marketers collide, free will is the first casualty. But only if you aren’t paying attention. Using a Yorkshire preacher (her granddad, who she thought ran a cult…), Steve Jobs, a teenage Belieber, said Belieber’s frazzled mum and the godfather of neuromarketing Martin Lindstrom, Cult Friction is a crash course in the new field of neuromarketing, and all the ways it is being used to exploit us. “One of the best shows of this year’s Edinburgh Fringe…Go. You owe it to your brain” -Clarissa Explains Fuck All

TEDx London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

  • Sophia was asked to speak at the TEDxLSHTM event. Given the theme of “emerging”, Sophia chose to write an eight minute poem on the concept of witness, and how emerging technologies, emerging awareness have merged to change the nature and responsibilities of bearing witness.

Eternal Graffiti

  • Eternal Graffiti is one of the premier Spoken Word websites globally. Sophia was asked to be a Guest Curator, taking over the site for a week in June 2015. Sophia chose to examine the differing ways it is possible to make a living out of spoken word, interviewing some of the stars of the UK scene on the hugely varied ways in which they work. Interviewees were Ross Sutherland, Kate Fox, Raymond Antrobus, Paula Varjack and Jenny Lindsay.