BBC Slam Champion Sophia Walker is an internationally renowned poet and teaching artist. Her spoken word shows have toured through theatres in the UK and internationally to critical acclaim, winning Best UK Spoken Word Show 2014,  and the awards for Best Spoken Word Show on the Edinburgh Free Fringe in 2013 and 2014. Her debut collection Opposite the Tourbus was published by Burning Eye Press in 2014.

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Recent Projects and Videos

Sophia has performed everywhere from Scottish Parliament, to Royal Holloway Prison, with a TEDx talk for London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in between. She is the host and organiser of the annual BBC Slam Championship, now viewed by many as the most prestigious slam on the UK circuit. Her poems have aired on BBC iPlayer, BBC Arts, Radio 4, Franceinter and stations across the US, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Italy and Ireland.

Poems and Other Works

  • Clarissa Explains Fuck All

    Cult Friction is one woman’s attempt to imagine a way out… If you get a chance to see it? Go. You owe it to your brain.” — AJ McKenna

    Clarissa Explains Fuck All
  • The Guardian

    “Slam poet Sophia Walker is heading elsewhere, following the advice on the card given to her the day she graduated from high school: “Always travel in the direction / opposite to the tour bus.” EllaEllaEllaLa only picked it up ‘because a friend guilted me into it after I failed to put money in her bucket at the end of a free poetry night’, but found Walker’s poems ‘compelling on [the] page’…Walker’s performances… present well on paper, EllaEllaEllaLa continues, where she reveals ‘an impressive ability to juggle syllables and rhyme schemes and very visual word play to great effect’.” — 

    The Guardian
  • Sabotage Reviews

    ‘Sophia Walker’s Can’t Care, Won’t Care is a brilliantly traumatic show. Walker reaches into your guts with powerful, grasping words and twists until the tears squeeze out of your eyes. It’s hard to sit through; achingly, emotionally, superbly written and performed.’ James Webster

    Sabotage Reviews